The Natural Human Learning Process Essay

The Natural Human Learning Process Essay

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The Natural Human Learning Process helps me achieve success in college as well as everyday life. I have found it useful to understand how the brain grows and develops during the learning process, and how the emotions control learning. This information is great to pass on to others to give them a better understanding on how the brain works, and how this process can help them.
According to Dr. Smilkstein, learning is a biological process that involves physical growth in your brain. The more time and practice you spend learning something (whatever it is) the more your brain changes and grows. When you learn, the neurons (nerve cells) in your brain grow fibers called dendrites that make connections (via synapses) with other dendrites, forming a network of neurons and dendrites that talk to each other and exchange information. There are six different stages the brain goes through. The first stage is the “motivation” stage. See if you can figure this out. The brain starts all learning from where it is and constructs the new from there. Tell yourself that you want to do this, then you becom...

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