Essay on Natural Gas: The Last Hope for Fossil Fuels

Essay on Natural Gas: The Last Hope for Fossil Fuels

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The rising attention to the production of natural gas has paved the way for public debate, creating questions concerning the environmental, economical and political effect it will have on North America and its residents. Shocking would not be the word to use for the public’s ambivalence towards this fossil fuel, because the use of other fossil fuels (coal and oil) have put strain on energy use and the environment, it is only normal for the public to share their concerns for the use of natural gas. With the ongoing energy crisis, North America has found a way with natural gas production to substantiate energy security, lower consumer costs and improve environmental issues, until more technological innovations are discovered or enhanced. Natural gas is a fossil fuel made up of mostly methane, which is the same gas that is formed when exhaling. With coal and oil creating a bad reputation for fossil fuels with their high carbon dioxide emissions and high cost for use and importing, natural gas will have to break down those stereotypical barriers and prove it is the last hope for fossil f...

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