Essay about Natural Gas As A Dangerous Byproduct Of The Oil Wells

Essay about Natural Gas As A Dangerous Byproduct Of The Oil Wells

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For several decades, natural gas was vented as a dangerous byproduct of the oil wells. Most of the petroleum fluid in the reservoir condition contains various amounts of dissolved gas, which is liberated in the stock tank condition. Since dissolved natural gas causes several problems in oil transportation, should be separated in order to reduce the transportation cost.
Since storage and transferring of natural gas in gaseous phase was not feasible for a long time, it used to be consumed locally near to the production fields. By development of pipelines and new transportation technologies, such as LNG and CNG, natural gas can be conveniently delivered to the markets at the remote areas across the world (Mishra, 2012).
Natural gas could be stored in different forms of underground storage, which are not available in the whole country and often are located close to the production areas. Depleted reservoirs, aquifers, and salt caverns are the underground places that could be used as reliable storage for natural gas (Wang & Economides, 2013).
A very famous form of natural gas has been em...

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