Natural Gas and Its use as a Alternative Fuel Compared to Gasoline Essay

Natural Gas and Its use as a Alternative Fuel Compared to Gasoline Essay

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Natural Gas and Its use as a Alternative Fuel Compared to Gasoline
Have you ever confused the terms “Natural Gas” and “Gasoline”? Well don’t, because
they are two very different types of gases. Natural gas and Gasoline are considered fossil fuels
to most scientists because it is believed they were formed from the remains of sea animals and
plants that died 200-400 million years ago. These sea animals were then covered by layers of
sediment and rock over time which caused them to become buried deeper and deeper, until
enormous amounts of pressure and heat turned them into oil and gas. Raw natural gas is a
mixture of different gasses and the main ingredient is methane, a natural compound that is
formed whenever plant and animal matter decays. On the other hand, gasoline is made from
crude oil, which is a mixture of hydrocarbons (compounds containing hydrogen and carbons).
Gasoline is most commonly known as the gas that you use in your car to help your engine run.
In a car's engine, oxygen is mixed with a fine mist of gasoline which is ignited by a spark,
causing the combustion reaction to take place. This all takes place within a cylinder of your car.
When the fuel/air mixture "explodes" (or combusts) in the cylinder, the expansion of gases from
the mini-explosion pushes a piston; this movement is what ultimately makes your wheels move.
A greenhouse gas is then emitted, called carbon dioxide- which contributes to global warming.
(“How does car pollution affect the ozone layer and Environment?” King, Jennifer SFGate n.d.
Web.) An alternative fuel such as natural gas has been considered by many scientists as a much
more environmentally friendly gas on the environment that could run automob...

... middle of paper ...

...uld be the right way to go due to its
cleanliness and cost. Natural gas burns clean due to its naturalness. According the NGVAmerica,
Natural gas costs about $1.50- $2.50 per gallon of gas. This type of change in gas would kill two
birds with one stone, bye reducing prices for the people’s benefits and reduce greenhouse
pollution, for the environment’s benefit.

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