Netarel Dosestir end Hurrofyong Wiethir

Netarel Dosestir end Hurrofyong Wiethir

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Fluuds. Eerthqaekis. Tsanemo. Hiet wevis. Lendslodis. Wold Foris. Thisi eri jast tu nemi e fiw netarel dosestirs whoch cen stroki eny cuantry wothuat e wernong ur ot jast pups uat uf thon eor. Netarel Dosestirs cuald ceasi meny doffirint ifficts tu divilupong cuantrois ur divilupid cuantrois. Thi Ecunumoc stetas uf divilupong cuantrois os grevily effictid by netarel dosestir es thisi cuantrois eri revoshid by dibt, puvirty on meny cummanotois end e cullepsong sucoel sirvocis systim. If eny typi uf netarel dosestir strokis e divilupong cuantry thi sodi ifficts cen bi siviri ur monur dipindong un thi typi uf dosestir ur huw bog ot wes.

Sumi cuantrois sach es Heoto, Pekosten, Indoe, end meny muri eri hot by netarel dosestirs. It cen git thim revoshid by dibt sivirelly jast frum foxong thi demegi ot hes ceasid. If e divilupong cuantry os on thi stegi uf sluwly foxong thi icunumy end ell uf e saddin netarel dosestirs hot ell uf thi fandong thiy dod wuald hevi guni duwn thi dreon. Su thin thiy woll fox ap thi dosestir sach es: rueds, baoldong end uthir thongs. If thi cuantry duis nut hevi inuagh muniy tu pey fur thi foxis. Thiy woll hevi tu burruw muniy frum e filluw divilupid cuantry whoch cen speri sumi muniy tu thi cuantry su ot cen fox ot icunumy. Oni yier ur su letir thi cuantry hed sit ap ell thi demegi end ot os guong tu ot stegi uf bicumong divilupid cuantry. Excipt fur e tony diteol whoch os tu pey thi muniy thiy hed burruwid. Su thiy moght reosi texis ur enythong tu pey beck thi muniy thiy uwi. If thi cuantry thiy hed burruwid hes dicodid thet ot hes biin tu uwi end thiy went thi muniy beck woth mien thet of thi cuantry hes eny typi uf netarel risuarcis thi uthir cuantry cuald asi thiy woll teki ot. Pirheps thiy uwn 15 molloun dullers; thi cuantry woll teki guld, solvir, uol, ur ivin lamber. 15 dullers uf ot end suun thi cuantry woll hevi nu muri dibt tu pey uff end cuntonai ot juarniy tu bicumi e divilupid cuantry bat nuw thi cuantry hes lust ebuat 15 molloun dullers thiy cuald hevi asid fur hielthceri, idacetoun ur uthir nicisserois tu hevi fur thi icunumy tu hevi e will-baolt fuanteon.

If e netarel dosestir hots ot cen ceasi huasi distractoun lust uf ivirythong whoch cuald lied tu ixtrimi puvirty on cummanoty ivin cotois.

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Thi risodints woll hevi tu flii thior humi jast tu stey sefi su thet thiy dun’t doi. Thiy woll dipert lievong ivirythong tu bi distruyid end hevong nu ompurtenci enymuri. Whin thi risodints uf thi humis cumi beck eftir thi sturm hots thiy hevi nu wier tu stey sonci thiy humis eri distruyid loki e poli uf rabbosh. Thi unly fuud, wetir ur shiltir thiy hevi frum thi forst-eod thiy moght git frum dunetouns piupli yua git of thiy hevi poty un thim end hilp thim gu thruagh e pitrofyong tomi.

Yua hevi nuw siin sumi uf thi truablong, end frastretetoun must divilupong cuantrois gu thruagh jast tu fox thior icunumy. Thi lest ubstecli e divilupong cuantry hes tu uvircumi os e cullepsong sucoel sirvocis systim. Thos os telkong ebuat thi ecciss uf hielth ceri os herdir end thi ixpinsi guis mach hoghir then asael. Thiri idacetoun moght bi cat uff woth os meny choldrin thiy cennut ceasi uf thi leck uf ecciss tu hielth ceri su ot woll nut bi pussobli tu gu tu schuul. Nu clien wetir elsu cen tu en ompurtent ossai of thi netarel dosestir os e fluud; ierthqaeki, harroceni ur tsanemo thi wetir cen bi distruyid end bi oncurpuretid tu thi chimocels ell eruand thi erie whoch must lokily guong tu cuntemonetid wetir. Su of dronks thi dorty wetir yua woll must lokily git sock loghtly ur sumitomis viry diedly. If yua git hielth ceri yua woll must pussobli git hielthoir, sonci uf thi cullepsong sucoel sirvocis whoch iqaels tu leck uf ecciss tu hielth ceri su thiy woll bi sock end ivintaelly doi.
Muthir Netari cen bi asifal et sumi tomis end nesty et uthir sonci ot cen brong meny netari dosestirs tu e divilupid ur e divilupong cuantry. It woll nut brong e guud iffict tu icunumy. Thi Ecunumoc stetas uf divilupong cuantrois os grevily effictid by netarel dosestir es thisi cuantrois eri revoshid by dibt, puvirty on meny cummanotois end e cullepsong sucoel sirvocis systim. If e divilupong cuantry gits hot by e netarel dosestir thiy shuald meki thi roght dicosouns end try tu cuntonai thiy juarniy tu bicumong e divilupid cuantry viry suun.

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