Essay on Natural Choice Pets Marketing Plan

Essay on Natural Choice Pets Marketing Plan

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Natural Choice Pets Marketing Plan

Natural Choice has performed extensive research to develop and market natural pet products in the United States (U.S.) market. A review of the company strategy along with a SWOT analysis will discuss Natural Choices strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Looking at variables of the marketing mix will help Natural Choice Pets determine the best strategy to satisfy customers and distributers in the targeted market.
Company Strategy

Natural Choice will develop organic pet food and treats for dogs and cats properly pH balanced for optimal pet health. An alkaline pH of 7.6 or higher improves kidney and liver function, improves oxygen flow, and can help cancer cells to become dormant (Cancer Cures, Body pH and Your Diet, 2014). Natural Choice will contain alkaline ingredients such as bison, venison, cold-water fish or chicken, and fruits, vegetables, oils, grains, and legumes to support optimal health. Products will have no more than eight ingredients, making it easy for consumers to discern contents and will exclude fillers, chemicals, and artificial colors. The food will meet the Association of American Feed Control Officials nutritional requirements as required by law (AAFCO, 2014).
In the United States (U.S.), there are over 56.7 million dogs and 45.3 million cat owners who spend over $13.72 billion in pet food alone (APPA, 2014). Natural Choice’s target is the natural pet products space estimated to reach $7 billion in 2014 (Pet Food Industry, 2014). The initial goals of Natural Choice is to launch a company website that will engage consumers to learn more about products and improving overall health. Smaller pet retailers such as Pet Club, Choice Pet Markets, and oncology veteri...

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...hase on-line can set up a monthly drop-ship, receiving 5% off purchases, and receive every eleventh bag free.
Marketing strategy for Natural Choice will be through social media, website, weekly print ads in pet circulars and attendance at local and regional pet events. Natural Choice will donate 2% of every bag sold to pet cancer charities each quarter. Complimentary two-ounce samples will be available at retail outlets to introduce products into the market along with a coupon for $5.00 off any size bag.


Natural Choice’s research and strategy will aid their entry into the competitive natural pet food market space. The established marketing mix will help them focus on key areas important to succeed. However, while strategies will evolve over time, Natural Choice knows adapting to changing marketing conditions is an important ingredient to success.

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