The Natural Child Response : Psychology, Perception, Or Feeling Of People Or Groups

The Natural Child Response : Psychology, Perception, Or Feeling Of People Or Groups

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) Conflict is an opposite action toward a different idea, perception, or feeling of people or groups. (b)Transactional analysis has three ego states which are parent, child, adult that affect our behavior or the way we transact through communication. Critical parent is controlled by the conversation using advising responses that are judgmental, opinionated, demanding disapproving, or disciplining telling others what to do, and sympathetic parent is protecting, permitting, consoling, and caring to be supportive. The natural child response that shows
curiosity, fun, fantasy, or impulsiveness and adopted child responds with confrontational advising responses that express rebelliousness, anger, fear, anxiety, inadequacy, or procrastination. An adult behaves in a thinking, rational, unemotional manner with cool and calm behavior. (c)The components of the theory XYZ description of the problem behavior, consequence, and feeling. X is doing something in human 's behavior, Y is the consequences of behavior, and Z is the Feeling of after something happens. (d) When I am encountering conflict, I am going to calm down, be patient, and control myself for non-defensive and try to understand others with respect and seek to compromise for a better resolution.
6. (a) I will need to identify examples of what to want to give and thought that I am able
to present my feedback coherently and decide when is the best time to give feedback and give to a clear, positive and good intention and helpful to the recipient and concerned others, don 't give
Choi 6
any negative criticism. (b) When I receive feedback, I will check very carefully how to adopt and improve on my work. I try to hear the word carefully and reflect thoughtfully on other people 's wor...

... middle of paper ... Delegating is the leader, delegating, tasks to employee without minimal supervision and low focus on relationship with employee. (c) If the person whom you are trying to influence is unable and unwilling to perform the task and has low ability, I will need to provide very clear and specific detailed directions and supervision and spend much time with employees and encourage and motivate to the next level of ability, and praise of the positive result. I spend more time listening and advising and engaging with employees to develop more ability. Even though, the employee is competent at the job, has empowered, but may not convince their ability, I will focus less on the task and more on relationships with employees to support and educate and continue to praise their work and make sure the workplace environment is good to motivate to accomplish their achievement.

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