The Natural And Artificial Threats Essay

The Natural And Artificial Threats Essay

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The notion that human race can totally be liberated from the bombardment of both natural and artificial threats seems to be a myth for the majority; since almost every human endeavor brings a new face of menace. However, how our generations have thrived from the days of antiquity to this age through these endeavors cannot be proclaimed without conceding the magnificent works of chemical scientists. It is through their marvelous nature discoveries that the entire earth has propelled to this sophisticated age. One of the most important chemical discoveries is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a gas whose glory lies in its versatility as it comes with many effects of great significance on humans and plants. Such significance is evidenced in photosynthesis (the making of food), the significant physiological role in human body’s physiology, and also as a requisite substance essential in food production and packaging.
Carbon dioxide first gained its popularity and reputation as the first substance to be distinguished from air. The family of gasses from which Carbon dioxide was discovered were among the experiments performed by a knowledgeable chemists named John Baptist Van Helmont; who later came to be called the father of pneumatic chemistry due to his vigorous studies on the matter and chemical reaction of gases. Helmont’s popularity spread through the corners of the world when he devised the willow three experiment that ultimately led to the discovery of carbon dioxide. His legacy continues to live on as the willow tree experiment continues to play a crucial role in the world of science. Joseph Black, a Scottish chemist and physician, complemented Helmont’s discovery of carbon dioxide in 1750s by identifying the complete properties...

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...lobal climate— a phenomenon called the greenhouse effect. . Centering the controversy of the existence of carbon dioxide in our planet is the various industrial activities that gives off a tremendous amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If the rate at which carbon dioxide is undesirably produced reaches the extremes, it overwhelms the buffering power of other substances in the atmosphere and the results can be significantly devastating.
In sum, carbon dioxide is to all living things. When taking into consideration, the number of pivotal chemical compounds that are vital for the wellbeing of humans or all living things in general, carbon dioxide’s existence in our world and most importantly, its role it plays in photosynthesis, human bodily physiological processes or metabolism and the impact it has on the production of myriad products cannot go uncredited.

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