Native States And The Invasion Of America Essay

Native States And The Invasion Of America Essay

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The article, “Native Reactions to the invasion of America”, is written by a well-known historian, James Axtell to inform the readers about the tragedy that took place in the Native American history. All through the article, Axtell summarizes the life of the Native Americans after Columbus acquainted America to the world. Axtell launches his essay by pointing out how Christopher Columbus’s image changed in the eyes of the public over the past century. In 1892, Columbus’s work and admirations overshadowed the tears and sorrows of the Native Americans. However, in 1992, Columbus’s undeserved limelight shifted to the Native Americans when the society rediscovered the history’s unheard voices and became much more evident about the horrific tragedy of the Natives Indians.
The discovery of America to the rest of the world, otherwise known as “Columbian Encounter”, was one of the majestic period in the European history. But nonetheless it was a starting to a tragic end for the Native Americans. Axtell calls attention to how the term, encounter, is largely a misfit in this situation because the meeting between natives and Europeans was barely mutual. Axtell demonstrates the association between the two groups feeble since the European strangers were mainly attacking the Indian land and the Indians were basically responding to it.
Furthermore, Axtell mentions that the European and Indian encounters were not as straightforward as it seemed. Each European country treated the Native Americans distinctively and likewise the diverse Native Americans tribes reacted differently. The vast majority of the tribes didn’t wish to overtake the Europeans, but to rather just maintain their status quo. Moreover, Axtell mentions that during the inaugural s...

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...ed them a step away from sovereignty. Fortunately, many of the smart tribes didn’t feel the urge to join the Europeans customs and remained true to their ancient beliefs. Axtell mentions that some of the stronger tribes even attacked and succeed from Europeans taking their property. However, unfortunately, a large number of troubled Indians turned to alcohol to find relief which led to their own downfall.
Lastly, towards the end, Axtell conveys to his audience that the even though the actions of Christopher Columbus and the European settlers towards the natives were inexcusable, the Native American were equally responsible for their destiny. Personally, I enjoyed James Axtell’s style of telling the history by choosing to not pick sides in the article. Overall, the article is well-reasoned and well-presented and covers the emotional journey of the Native Americans.

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