Essay about Native Americans: The Pequot Tribe

Essay about Native Americans: The Pequot Tribe

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Pequot tribe is a Native American nation in Connecticut State which is federally recognized by the United States government. It was recognized in 1983 by the congress and is considered to be the eighth tribe to be recognized by the United States government through congressional procedure. There are different views regarding Pequot tribe based on its past history and the tribe’s present activities. This paper deals in discussing views of various sources regarding the Pequot tribe and compares various present findings of the tribe in modern society.

Like other Indian tribes the Pequot tribe of Connecticut has a rich history. The present, past and future aspects of Pequot tribe have been discussed by various writers, websites and magazines. Modern society considers the Pequot tribe with sympathy because of their history. The tribe is considered as an American heritage and various platforms represent Pequot people from cultural and historical aspects. The American society has an overall positive view about the Pequot tribe and is mainly interested in understanding their culture and historical background. According to Pequot Indian fact sheet presented by biggorin website , the modern Pequot tribe contains mixed heritage from both the Mohegan and Narragansett tribes. The website describes past cultural heritage and living style of the Pequot tribe’s people which includes the tribe’s language, religion, food, past time and other basic activities. It holds general information regarding the importance of Pequot’s culture and defines the cultural importance of Pequot people in a very positive manner. The people of the United States and the economy both benefits from the tribe and have a positive prospect about tribe. Pequot t...

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