Native Americans Long Before The Europeans Arrived Essay examples

Native Americans Long Before The Europeans Arrived Essay examples

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1. Parrillo’s primary argument in this chapter is that it is erroneous to assume that multiculturism began in America once the Europeans arrived, when in reality multiculturism was present among Native Americans long before the Europeans arrived. Furthermore, Parrillo is arguing against the traditional view of Native Americans seen as brutish savages or being associated with tipis, buffalo, warriors on horseback, war paint etc., and Native Americans were a single entity. Instead, Parrillo is aiming to illustrate the idea that Native Americans were different from one another in multiple areas, and these differences were usually based upon factors such as a tribe’s language, culture, and geographic location, and that if are to understand Native Americans we must first understand all the differences that existed within them.
2. Parrillo’s ‘method’ in this chapter was to first put forth his primary argument, and then provide numerous examples to support his argument, and at times refer back to his original argument to remind the reader of the overall piece he was writing. For instance, as stated above, Parrillo’s main argument was that it is wrong to view Native Americans as a single entity, when there were great differences between tribes of different Native Americans, and furthermore, it is incorrect to assume multiculturism began when the Europeans arrived when in fact it was present before contact between the Europeans and Native Americans.
3. Parrillo puts forth six sections as evidence of his idea that multiculturism was present among Native Americans, well before contact with the Europeans, and three sections in which this idea was illustrated were: Diversity in Gender Roles, Diversity in Clothing, and Diversity in Va...

... middle of paper ...

...wo were white men. Furthermore, John White’s 16th century watercolor of an Algonquian village further portrayed the multiculturism present among Native Americans and he too was a white man.
7. I believe that the misrepresentation Parrillo puts forward is that while multiculturism was present among Native Americans long before the Europeans came, this multiculturism was not strictly between the natives. Instead, this multiculturism also evolved to be between the Europeans and Native Americans. Both cultures were different but also took things from one another. By writing as if multiculturism among native Americans was only among the native Americans and there was not much multiculturism with the Europeans Parrillo is coincidentally grouping all the natives into one group and the Europeans into another. When in reality both cultures are part of a much larger group.

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