Essay on Native Americans : Christopher Columbus

Essay on Native Americans : Christopher Columbus

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Eric Jones
Humm. 101
Professor Pratt
December 8th 2014
Native Americans
Many believe that Christopher Columbus was the first to discover the americas, when in reality there was approximately 10 million native americans that resided on the land many years before Columbus sailed to find new lands. Records show that the first documented tribe was the Sandia tribe in the year 150000 B.C. but it was likely that they had settled much earlier. Many believe that the Native people immediately attacked the “white man” but in reality they were very interested in the new people, but were quickly brought to reality when they endured the greed and disease of these new settlers. Disease took a large toll on the Native people, many Native bodies didn 't have the immunity built up that the european settlers had, leading to a huge amount of death. The new European settlers would purposely try to infect Natives with multiple types of diseases with the largest being smallpox. Along with disease many native americans were pushed from their land and promised great things for their move. As time progressed many wars and massacres took more Native life leading to present day where natives now are a small percentage of the population and are concentrated mostly on rural reservations. Natives have a very strong culture base to this day. They come together to celebrate their culture by dancing and singing at powwows, they also will dress in similar clothing that was worn before colonization. Today many tribes have repaired their poverty stricken tribes with Las Vegas style casino enterprises.
Powwows play a large part in the celebration of native culture today. Powwows are a meeting place for Natives to join together in dancing, singing, visiting, and...

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...r fabrics to make intricate designs. Natives were very resourceful and did not waste materials, every form of native art had usefulness. In the colder regions, Native Americans enjoyed creating art as homage to their animal friends. Walruses were commonly carved out of whales’ teeth, and eagles and bears were made of rock. Pendants and statues were often created to symbolize the respect the tribes had for the animals. Instruments and weapons were also considered a form of art for Native Americans, as everything they made was done with care and time. Totem poles were probably the most elaborate form of Native American art. These huge, tall wooden sculptures represented generations of family members. Each “face” in the totem pole was a different representation, ranging from animals’ faces to people faces, and wings would often be protruding from the totem pole as well.

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