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Many people in todays’ society think about land, they often think about its use in revolutionizing the world. Although this aspect is deeply appropriate in order to modernize society, the concept of land has derived from its ultimate value. Centuries before Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in search for a “new world”, the land that would eventually become the United States was viewed way differently than it is within today. There were no mini malls or housing complexes but instead there was only land that was treasured from many other parts of the world. The Native Americans, Spanish settlers, French explorers, and New Englanders each experienced their sense of the “new world” differently but it was because of these settlers that the “new world” has become what it is today.
Everyone within the United States know the story of the encountering between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims, but many do not realize the true value that the Native Americans had for the land. Despite the realization that the Native Americans were ultimately the owners of this land, “Frontiersmen and later frontier historians saw Indians as outsiders, people without legitimate claim to the land they lived in” (p. 32). The land was a special treasure for the Native Americans because it was where their ancestral tribal homes were located but also because the land was also important for nourishment. There was a varying arrangement of food that the Native Americans grew for nourishment. Beans, squash, gourd, sunflowers, flint, nuts, fruits, berries, and seeds were just some of the items that the landscape grew for the Native Americans nourishment for themselves along with the animals (p.39). The animals were also a huge part of the landscape and ...

... middle of paper ... through trade. Finally the land offered the New Englanders a way to become who they were actually meant to be in life. However, this is not only what the land offered to each of these different people. The land also offered acceptance as it said despite what you look life or what you believe in, you are welcome here. This is the same acceptance that is often still demonstrated within America today. Although revolutionizing the new world through its mini malls and housing complex allows for more modernization within society, we must remember that the, “…old patterns which were etched into the landscape are not easily erased, even though Americans have a seemingly infinite capacity to redesign and find new uses for things that have been apparently outlived their usefulness… That imprint is still visible today, and its patterns continue to shape our lives” (p. 114).

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