Essay on Native Americans And Its Impact On Our Lives

Essay on Native Americans And Its Impact On Our Lives

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Native Americans possess a greatly different spirituality than our culture has today. We have varying beliefs, values, and traditions that we deem as normal. If the current generation had to change its way of life to mimic the natives, there would be several potential benefits for ourselves and Mother Earth. There would be considerable changes in role of nature within our lives, the foundation of relationships, and the meaning of connotation of power that would be the cause of a complete paradigm shift throughout the population.
If a complete transformation was made throughout North America to implement native culture, we would view nature differently. Native Americans believe that Mother Earth is sacred and that it is the ultimate sin to hurt her because it is a representation of what they believe is important in a sustainable life. They consider themselves guardians of the land and the spirits that roam it, so they make it their responsibility to create a balance. In popular culture today, many take advantage of the Earth and use the resources provided until they are gone for good. An example of this is oil usage throughout the States. Each year more and more oil is being drilled to match the growing interest and population, without considering how that is affecting others. It is not possible to make more oil so once we drill the last of it, we will be forced to find a new material to use. If we were to have a paradigm shift to match the natives, we would stop the unnecessary usage of materials like oil, trees, and water. This would have a huge benefit for Mother Earth because we would stop deplenishing her and would be thankful for all that we have. Assisting Earth also helps us because the Earth will be able to continuously s...

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... us. Power is seen completely different between the two cultures and taking the Native American perspective could benefit us greatly.
The culture we are currently living in could greatly benefit from the lessons we can learn from the Native Americans. They know their role in nature, can build astounding and deep relationships with people and animals, and they have different definitions for power. If our culture was able to have a complete paradigm shift to live to the natives’ standards, Mother Earth and ourselves would benefit immensely from it. This can be implemented by small changes in everyday life like turning off the lights, planting a garden, buying locally, and walking instead of driving. Although it would be beneficial to live like the natives again, there is a low possibility of that happening within this generation because it takes time to create change.

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