Essay on Native American Students And The Middle Standard School System

Essay on Native American Students And The Middle Standard School System

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Native American student face lot of difficulties and challenges while being educated in European standard school system. Often the teaching method goes against the principle of the Native American values, and that conflict resulted in poor performance of native students in the school. The author was trying to show the ideological conflict and the difficulties that native student faces in the European standard education system also acknowledging that fact that no school system is perfect.
Generally, a school system is consisting of the following components, instruction method, curriculum, and community. To have a good and successful education system, all these components should work together. The community is the target consumer who will be catered through the instruction method of the curriculum of the school system. Thus, the school system should design their instruction method and the curriculum based on the community needs. If there is a discrepancy between the choices of the community and the method of the education system then it creates conflict which results into the unexpected performance of the student of that community. In this case, there is conflict between the Native American ideology and the Anglo education system, and that is causing Native Americans students perform poorly in the school.

Each community has their own values and own way of teaching and learning things. If any education system conflict with that community and social values, it always results into poor performance. Culturally diverse community like Native American community which has its own way of doing things, and the US education system neglected their cultural values that created ideological conflicts which led to poor performance from the Native ...

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...mize the differences and make the education more effective.
I agree with the fact that discrepancy between the community expectation and the education system fails to meet the expected goal and result into failure of the system and society. It is kind of trying to sell a wrong product to a wrong person. Meaning, someone in need to food, and that person is given an iPhone instead which has no use for him/her.

In conclusion, it is obvious that one size does not fit all. European standard schooling does not necessarily fit the Native American students as it does for Anglo students. The school board should consider the method of teaching and standard of measuring success in Native American culture is not the same as it is in white American culture. Thus, education systems should adopt Native American ideas and help the Native student to grow to contribute to society.

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