Native American Of The Samish Tribe Essay

Native American Of The Samish Tribe Essay

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This paper is very important to me, as I am Native American of the Samish tribe, and I’m taking ethnic studies courses in a local college. When I learned about the atrocities committed against Native Americans in the past, it made me sad that nothing could be done about it. When I learned about ongoing nefarious activities against Native Americans, it made me determined to shed light on them to as many people as possible, as we have power to make a difference and to prevent further atrocities. America has continued to be so indifferent to minorities, especially the ones that we took this land from, and that is why I chose to pick this as my topic.
The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. America is totally indifferent towards Native Americans, their accomplishments and otherwise, in the media and in the news. So often America ignores the Native American peoples, especially when tragedy strikes them. This can be seen in the coverage of the Red Lake Massacre, the lack of coverage in the struggles of natives on and off the reservation, the underappreciation of native activists, and the lack of representation of natives in film and television.
One of the most obvious ignorances of American news media towards Native Americans was the coverage, or lack thereof, of the Red Lake Massacre. At the time of the massacre in 2005, the shooting was the most destructive school massacre by number of deaths in the 21st century (Shen). Jeff Weise was a Native American of the Ojibwe people, on the Red Lake reservation. On March 21, 2005, he killed his grandfather and his grandfather’s companion, then drove to Red Lake High School and killed seven other people. Lastly, he committed suicide, making the death toll ten according to Minnesota...

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... a Native American in a role of a character who is Native American. A lack of representation in the media is a lack of respect for the people as a whole.
In conclusion, even though conditions for Native Americans have improved drastically over the course of the United State’s history, there is still so much work to be done to improve the lives of Native Americans. From basic resources like clean water to seemingly superficial- but still important- issues of representation in Hollywood, there is much room for improvement. As Red Cloud said, “We do not want riches. We want peace and love.” (California Indian Education) Perhaps Red Cloud had it right, instead of working against each other, there can be common grounds and reparations made so that peace and love can shine through American society, and set an example to other societies with troubled relations with Natives.

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