Essay about Native American History And History

Essay about Native American History And History

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The history of Native Americans is a fruitful one, spanning across to different continents for thousands of years. Their culture encompassed a variety of unique and important elements, blending these cultures with that of the European was a complicated prospect, one that in turn seemed to dissipate an accurate historical account.
For instance, the Native Americans of the northeast or New England have been historically recorded as a single group, containing a societal and political cluster. History in some aspects has compromised the individualism of sub-groups, such as the Algonquian. Other examples of sub-groups of Native Americans that would not otherwise be mentioned is basic history, are the Pocomtucs and the Mohecans of Connecticut and the Wampanoag of Massachusetts (Bourne, 1990). These sub-groups have lost their uniqueness in modern American history, clustered together as simply Native Americans.
The elder members of Native American groups like the Algonquian have depended on passing the history have their civilization on to generations. The told tales contain a record of history, beginnings, values, and ethics that are embraced by an individual group of people. Passing the torch of history through generations provided what little information available. By creating tales, Native Americans have been able to preserve their wisdom and values through generations and across the globe. For instance one tale from the Pocumtucs, originating in the Pocumtuc Range in Massachusetts, speaks of a ginormous lake. Residing in the lake lived a giant greedy beaver. This beaver ransacked the Natives possessions, opposing the people of the land. The people cried out for help from the land’s god, Hobomok, who in turn defeated the...

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... their land. The worse part of this, were the cases when the guardian took advantage of this assignment by taking control or selling the land without compensation to the Native. It even went as far as requesting guardianship of Natives with oil on their land, for the purpose of taking control of it, even if it meant murdering the Native and his wife. These circumstances provide a significant perspective in regard to the horrors and challenges endured by Native Americans over the course of history.
Throughout history, Native Americans have struggled to maintain and carry on their culture and identity. This was especially prevalent in the 19th and early 20th century. Sub-groups have been discredited, and tribes have been lost as result of warfare, disease, and racism. Today Native Americans cherish what history remains, with established memorials and celebrations.

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