Native American Culture : The United States Essay

Native American Culture : The United States Essay

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The United States has a dominant culture that those raised in the States are used to. Cultures vary in category. Some cultures are grouped together by race, gender, socio-economic status, the environment, sexual identity, and IQ. As an educator, it is best practice never to assume someone is like the rest of his or her culture. Being open-minded and willing to learn from them will create a successful teacher-student relationship.
According to Native American Contributions, Native American influence is found in many US states ( Some states include Arizona, Minnesota, Kentucky, North and South Dakota, and New Mexico. Being aware of Native American culture will help educators adapt to this culture. According to Spradlin, “Historically, dominant culture in the United States, including federal laws, policies, and institutions (e.g., schools, churches, agencies), has deliberately attempted to destroy and eliminate Native American culture and cultural institutions (pg.79).
Native American culture is very different in that they appreciate every aspect of the natural world. They believe that life was made to connect with nature. The soil we touch, the rocks we pass by, nature was designed to be connected to us (pg.79). The US has built and damaged a lot of sacred land just to create empires and civilizations.
According to Spradlin, “The estimated population of American Indians and Alaska Natives is 4.9 million. Members of this ethnic group make up 1.6 percent of the total population,” (pg.81). Native Americans have an unemployment rate of 24.2, high school dropouts at 60 percent, and an increase of Native American suicides the last 20 years. There is...

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...eir little flavors of differences can add excitement to teaching. Using drama or music to present a project would help them become excited about school. Allowing them time to talk and share opinions is also a great way for African Americans to feel themselves.
African Americans and Native Americans both portray beautiful aspects of human society. They add flavor to the dominant white culture that we may not even realize. Educators have an important role to play in these types of minority groups. Teachers are there to learn and understand the differences their cultures bring. They are then there to encourage every positive aspect of that culture and teach it to the other students. By uplifting and empowering those in minority groups will really bring freedom and creativity to them. They will succeed in school and also strive to be the best that they can be.

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