Essay on Native American Culture And How It Has Evolved

Essay on Native American Culture And How It Has Evolved

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Indigenous culture and how it has evolved
Native American Culture
Culture is a set of beliefs and patterns of behaviors that are shared by the members of a specific group. These values can be reinforced or expressed through stories, songs, art, and rituals. A language is an important tool for preserving culture.
Many groups of people have their cultural practices that are part and parcel of their lives. However, Native Americans have a richer and varied culture. They have a history that is rich in triumph, strife and struggle. Many familiar symbols that are at times taken for granted were created by Native Americans. Lots of aspects of our current life were adopted from Indian cultures that were practiced many centuries ago.
Some of the symbols that are used currently include the moccasins; peace pipe, teepee, and totem pole are just but a few examples. Each of these symbols was crucial pieces of a larger picture that held together the life of Native Americans.

Background Information
There were different tribes of people in different parts of America. Around ten different cultural areas were identified. There was the Arctic culture area; it was flat, cold and also treeless. The Inuit and the Aleut lived here and spoke different dialects of the Eskimo, language family. The population in this region was small and scattered due to the harsh weather condition.
These people shared so many things in common; firstly, they lived in timber houses that were dome-shaped. They also wore skins to keep warm. This place is the current Canada, Alaska and Greenland (Gonzalez pg 89).
Next group of people was the subarctic culture area which composed of swamps, waterlogged tundra and pine forests. They were of two language groups name...

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...em, they also influenced it in a way. American culture still shows to be part of Native American culture.
The U.S is sometimes called a ‘melting pot’ where particular cultures have contributed their different culture to the American culture. Just as other cultures around the world have affected American culture, currently American culture is also influencing the world. The term Western culture that is commonly used always refers to American culture.
American culture entails the traditions and customs of the United States. Culture includes food, what we wear, religion, our language, music, marriage, what we believe to be right or wrong, how we greet visitors and how we sit at the table. Also, it includes how we treat our loved ones and how we treat the elders. American culture is just but an example of how culture has evolved since the ancient times and its continuity.

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