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Native American And Alaskan Natives Essay examples

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The framework of the greatness of the United States was built with bone fragments of American and Alaskan Natives. The population, already settled on this lands before the arrival of Europeans, was mistreated, enslaved and their lands were stolen. They were obligated to Policies and treaties that the federal government have been made with the Native American leaders with the promise that the federal government will provide education, health and other basic services to Native communities. Treaties that the majority of the time were violated or not fully accomplished. The major issues that American and Alaskan Natives are facing today are; education retainment, economic problems, health issues, and crime issues. The federal government tried to address these, however, Natives and Alaskan populations have experienced little to no change on these issues.
One of the major problems that the Native population is facing today is education retainment. The root causes of these problems emerged in the time of colonialism and “discovery” of North America. The education of Native American started with the purpose of suppression or the total extermination of the Native American culture (article unmet needs of federal funding ). The government used a system of education called board schools. Most of the schools under this program, were managed by christian priests and nuns, who felt the responsibility to “civilize” the indians. One of the major pioneer of this type of education was a veteran of the Civil War and Indian Wars, called Richard Henry Pratt (Executive Office of the President 2014). This man was obsessed with the civilization of Native American. In one of his speeches, he explained that education of Natives Americans was essential to...

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...nd is 17 times more than the national average.
The federal government created a health system called Indian Health Service in 1955 (Acton, K., Cullen, T., & Sequist, T. 2011). This division has the responsibility to provide basic health services to federally recognized native tribes and its reservations. According to a study made by this agency some of the programs managed by them increased life expectancy and major control of diabetes among American Natives. Diabetes is also one of the major issues in this population. However they still need to address other problems. Acton, Cullen and Sequist discuss that the major issues that block health improvement among Native Americans is cross cultural communication between individuals that provide medical care and Native patients and limited access to care due to restricted funding and limited medical professional staff.

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