Nationalism Is What Justifies Nations Essay

Nationalism Is What Justifies Nations Essay

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Nationalism is what justifies nations. Without nationalism there is no need to distinguish between two neighboring countries, no need to establish political unions, no need for xenophobia. Nations are the product of small groups banding together to form one larger “imagined community.” Thus it disrupts a said community when an outsider moves in and attempts to assimilate: this is the issue with immigration. No longer does the nation share a common history. The nation is now defined by a citizenship rather than a sense of culture. Civic nationhood is associated with the United States, but can be increasingly seen seen in modern Europe. Civic duty is a more becoming a more prevalent form of nationalism; the US developed it as part of American culture and Europe has been adopting it and slowly knitting it into European social structure.
The United States of America has become a symbol for civic nationalism. The USA is associated with the Star-Spangled Banner strewn across suburban yards and people pledging allegiance to the flag in grade school, yet America lacks a common history that is the foundation of the national cultures of many European nations. Even in its founding, the USA had different cultures depending on the state you were in. Furthermore the North and South were polar opposites and in many ways remain opposites. The United States is a nation so divided by culture and history, yet one so nationalist. The only unifying factor in the United States is the federal government.
A key insight to American nationalism is seen through American media outlets, especially the longstanding American icon, Captain America. According to Jason Dittmer, Captain America is more of a representation of American society rather than a leader in...

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...brates the individual rather than the masses because civic nationalism requires the individual citizen to take an active role to uphold national institutions. While civic nationalism requires more of a constant struggle to exist, it also legitimizes the government and makes that struggle worth it.
Nationalism is constantly evolving to create a society that is not dependent on a location, race, language, religion or any other definitive terms and replace them with the constant will to be a nation. This translates into the entity that keeps a nation together which is the government. As definitive labels become more obsolete due to the rise of immigration, one’s own nationality becomes more fluid and no longer is one constrained by the location of one’s birth. As nationality becomes less restrictive a new age of nationality will consume our lives: a nation of globalism.

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