Nationalism Is Not A Good Thing Essay

Nationalism Is Not A Good Thing Essay

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Nationalism is the connection we feel towards a nation or nation-state. It can be seen that the source supports nationalism to some extent. We should embrace nationalism and exclude the concept of patriotic ultranationalism to some degree. The love for one 's nation should not be put above humanity. We have seen in the past that the love for a nation overrides the love for humanity. Ultra Nationalism in the past has lead to the eight stages of genocide and ethnic cleansing. The cause of the second world war was because of Hitler 's ultra nationalistic pursuit.. These beliefs have also caused many genocides and war throughout the past.The author of the source believes that nationalism is somewhat a good thing. If nationalism gets mixed up with patriotism which may lead to ultra nationalism is not a good thing. The right thinking of nationalism can be a positive influence in the idea of national interest like Canada sending foreign aid money to other countries in need. It also shows a sense of belonging to a nation-state.

It is evident that the ultranationalist beliefs have caused trouble in the past. Where one believes their own country is superior to every other country. The second world war in particular was because of Adolf Hitler 's patriotic love for his own country, Germany. Hitler, a german leader was able to become the head of a political party. With being the leader he was able to convince people to see things his way and follow his ideas. Hitler was able to get Austria and Czechoslovakia back from the English and French which made people see him as a superior leader. This made Hitler believe he could get any country he desired. Which led to Poland being invaded and triggered the cause of World War two. The Nazi party...

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...ies. Canadians have a strong sense of belonging to their nation because of the diversity of people, and that has influenced the pride Canadians have to their nation. Therefore, nationalism has had a positive influence by raising levels of pride and more senses of belonging within nations.

In conclusion, the perspective of this source should be embraced to some extent. Nationalism has proven to be good and bad depending on how it is expressed. It was shown that in the past nationalism was taken for more as ultra nationalism but since then we have changed and have showed it as pride. However, these day nationalism has taken a different way of being expressed. Citizations of a nation-state express it through celebrating and belonging with one another. Therefore, nationalism has had different perspectives throughout the past but is starting to show the right side of it.

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