Essay about Nationalism And The American Revolutionary Era

Essay about Nationalism And The American Revolutionary Era

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There are clear moments in history that you can see a country coming together and transitioning to nationalism. Maybe it happened because of a war that’s was about to be fought or maybe it’s just because of something that a country felt strongly towards. But just like there are times when a country is united against an enemy, there are times that a country is divided. When a country is united though, it is incredibly strong which was proven over and over again in history.
Nationalism played a huge part in revolutions that countries started. The American revolutionary era began in 1763. At that point Great Britain had control over them and they wanted to start taxing them and enforcing other laws to maintain control over the colonies in North America. Because the colonies didn’t have any representation in Britain though, they thought it was unfair that they have to follow them. The colonies began to create Committees of Correspondence so that they would be able to make their own rules. The people on the committee would be like the people in congress for them. After about two years the colonies banned together and rejected the Parliament, replacing the British rule with themselves. Because of this the British sent troops to try and force the Colonies back under their rule. They fought back though and in the end the British declared that the colonies were in rebellion and gave up on them. Afterwards the 13 colonies decided to write the Declaration of Independence now that they were independent officially from British rule. They rejected the British monarchy as well as its Parliament. The government had to nationalize and come together to become independent and because they were successful at it they became a stronger country which ...

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...r to celebrate, not to mourn. Riots broke out all over the country because of how happy people were over this news. We had been trying to achieve this for almost 10 years now and it had finally happened.
In the history of this world nationalism has occurred for happy and for sad moments. It happens for moments that bring this or any country together and unite them as one. Sometimes a country united under its leader or sometimes it unites to over power its leader. At the end of the day, a country that’s nationalized is stronger than a country that isn’t. When they come together they have the ability to do things that they otherwise wouldn’t. It has been proved over and over again in history. When you look at all the wars that have been fought, they wouldn’t have been able to fight them if they weren’t united. Its amazing how strong a country can be when it’s united.

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