Essay about Nationalism and Liberalism

Essay about Nationalism and Liberalism

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Often called “the People’s Spring”, the Revolutions of 1848 marked a time of political and social turmoil widespread across the European continent. It is during this time we see monarchies overthrown, the formation of new countries, and “radical ideologies” such as Nationalism, and Liberalism become the beliefs of the middle-class. The populations of European countries were growing at a rate never seen before. The masses started becoming agitated with the current monarchial system of government ruling across Europe in the nineteenth-century, and wanted change that would bring about individual freedom and equality. It is well known that the Revolutions of 1848 were multi-casual, and that there was not just one factor that can be attributed to all the revolutions during this period. However, certain ideologies of the middle-class, as well actions taken by the monarchs and nobility had been felt across all of Europe. The spread of liberal and nationalist ideas brought changes to the post-Napoleonic settlement established in Europe, and acted as a counter to the Reformation being imposed by the Old Order upon the European citizens.
The events leading to the culmination of the Revolutions of 1848 were set in motion by 1814-15 meeting of the Congress of Vienna. During the Congress, “representatives of the allies who defeated Napoleon – Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Great Britain – came together to re-establish peace in Europe”. The Congress opposed liberal and nationalist ideas which called for the reorganizing of states on ethic or national lines. The Congress of Vienna imposed a treaty on France, and created a new “international mechanism”, the Concert of Europe, where the powers, this time joined by France, would meet annually...

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...he European populations were high, each class seeking solutions from their respective leaders, or calling for insurrections to instill new leaders who could solve their problems.
The European revolutions of 1848 have fundamentally shaped the world, and the effects brought on by them are still being felt. The revolutions brought about two world wars, and many countries still quarrel over boundary disputes formed during this time. Never before was there this level of political and social turmoil in Europe, every major country was affected, monarchies were overthrown and new countries had formed. The ideas spread by the European nationalist led to the formation of modern day Germany and Italy. Many of the liberal ideologies which were considered revolutionary and threatening at the time have become common practices in those countries and across much of the world.

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