The National Women 's Law Center Essay

The National Women 's Law Center Essay

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Since 1917, women have had the right to serve in the military, but now in 2016 many of the women that serve still do not receive the same rights as the men they fight alongside. The National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) is a big advocate in raising awareness about the treatment of women in the military. On their website they address some of the main issues which include family support, sexual harassment, and combat assignments. Many of the images on their website help relay their message to the people viewing their website. It is important for the stakeholder to use images that help persuade and appeal to their audience to help raise awareness for their cause. Using a visual and rhetorical analysis of the images used on NWLC’s website, it is easy to see the different ways NWLC has incorporated ethos, logos, pathos, and kairos in various pictures and that helps with getting their message across to their audience. The images used by this stakeholder do help their audience understand the importance of creating better standards for women who serve in combat positions.
The first image on the NWLC’s page for improving standards for military servicewomen shows five women in complete military uniforms. They are the main focus of this image and it can be seen that they are carrying something in their arm but continue to move on with some of them even sporting a smile. The background of this image shows what seems to be a more rugged terrain, which probably means they are out on tour. The colors found in this image make it seem like you are viewing these women out of your own eyes and just give this image a very serious tone. It is evident that is image is mainly geared towards a women as their audience because instead of having an image wi...

... middle of paper ...

...e images found on the NWLC are able to shine light on women serving in the military. The images work together to show the different aspects of being a woman who serves in the military, which is very important to show that women do not need to only fit into on specific role. These two images also help promote the stakeholders goal to show women in the same light as men by showing them working hard in the field. It also helps clarify that the main focus for this stakeholder is specifically to improve the standards for only women. Overall the NWLC makes it clear through their images that they want to reach out to specifically to women. Through these images they have made it possible to appeal to the audience with various methods such as ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos. These images along with the text are able to help raise awareness for women serving in the military.

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