National Security, Terrorism, And Terrorism Essay examples

National Security, Terrorism, And Terrorism Essay examples

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Working with the Attorney-General’s Department interests me for a number of reasons. The foremost of these reasons is the Department’s role in providing national security advice to the government and other ministers. National security issues like terrorism, radicalisation, criminal financing and cyber security are issues close to my knowledge and academic experience. This is exemplified by the completion of my Masters of Counter-Terrorism Studies. During this degree, I developed an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of terrorism and political extremism, the conditions associated with preventing and combating extremism, as well as the impacts of these activities on democratic and civil liberties. I conducted a number of projects on subjects like counter-terrorism strategies, extremist ideology, and counter-propaganda/recruitment strategies. My original research has been focused on radicalisation and the role of emotion and emotional framing in the radicalisation process, particularly in the context of Western democracies like Australia.
With these experiences and this body of knowledge in mind, I am drawn to the AGD, particularly with the current focus on national security and terrorism. The AGD’s role in promoting national security is an important one and I believe I can really contribute. Additionally, the AGD promotes community engagement (e.g.the National Security Hotline). This approach is attractive to me, as it represents some of the most important counter-terrorist and radicalisation work being done.
The AGD Graduate Program offers me a path into this area. Working with the AGD would empower me to gain practical experience in the area of public policy; both in reviewing existing policy and in providing quality advice...

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... in their tasks, but as much as possible I encouraged team members to take ownership of the project and their contributions. I demonstrated agility when the individual responsible for the oral presentation was injured in an accident and I reorganised the workload between myself and another group member. Despite this significant disruption to the project, I was able to adapt to the changing circumstances. This cooperation was important to the working relationship and helped promote the success of the group.
My concentration on national security and violent extremism sets me apart from other less specialised applicants, whom may not have the in-depth knowledge, understanding and passion I do for the area. Along with my proven research, communication and analytic skills, as well as my cooperative nature and enthusiasm for public policy, I am a very promising candidate.

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