National Security - Computer Security Essay

National Security - Computer Security Essay

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The government is using programs like Project Prism, which many have probably never heard of, in order to “protect” its national security. The program was created in 2007 by the Bush administration as a means to uphold national security against terroristic activities. The program uses social media as well as phone records in order to keep tabs on those they feel are involved in terroristic or criminal activity, but has since become a means for invading the privacy of innocent American citizens. This is the general idea shared by many citizens and a major topic in government debate, divided by those who feel that this is a breach of the constitution and is unjust and those who agree that it is a small breech, but a necessary one. After doing research online and reading articles by Brian Hammond it is very clear that this project set forth by the government is in fact in violation of the fourth amendment of the constitution, which in short guarantees the right to privacy for citizens who do not pose a threat to national security. Like every debate there exist two sides to argue, in this case the major argument is the good that comes of the prism project and programs similar to it.
These programs use many different resources in order to gather information on those they deemed to be a threat to national security, but in order to gain access to those who are in fact threats they must sift through data on all including those who are innocent. After reading multiple articles by Brian Hammond I learned of Project Prism and similar programs and gained some understanding on how they work. The government gains access to personal information through social media, online databases, and even cell phone records from service providers. Hammond ...

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...s 4th amendment, and should not be allowed. Our constitutional rights are not supposed to be changed or taken away from us, and if the government were to begin doing this now, who is to say that they will not try and change other constitutional rights based on similar arguments.
The U.S. is not the only country dealing with similar situations. According to Hammond in his article, “European Civil Rights Groups Urge Parliament to Act on 'Lawless Spying’”, “A pair of European civil society groups has urged the European Parliament to take steps to end the ‘lawless spying on individuals around the globe’.” This is not just a problem in our country, but one around the globe. This is why it is of the utmost importance for a solution to be achieved in our country, America is the trend setter of the world and if we can find a solution other countries will follow suit.

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