Essay about National Security Agency and Edward Snowden

Essay about National Security Agency and Edward Snowden

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Did you know that every call you make, every purchase you make online, and almost anything else you do on the internet is recorded and stored on government servers? It’s scary but very true, unfortunately. It has been released in recent news that the US government has been spying on not only its citizens, but also other nations. The revelations started last summer and more and more has been uncovered since then. E-mails, texts, pictures all other sorts of data is mined and collected by the government for years now.
The first of the leaks happened in June 2013, almost a year ago now. Glenn Greenwald, a journalist for The Guardian, reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been collecting millions of Verizon customer’s phone records. This was permitted by a secret court order that allows the government unlimited authority to obtain communication for three months. The next day it is found out that the government is accessing the systems of both Facebook and Google to obtain massive amounts of data under the name PRISM. PRISM, in general, is a NSA program that allows real-time, information of data-mining of the American citizen’s information. The next day the president says that these surveillance programs are “the right balance” between security and privacy.
Edward Snowden was then named as the source for this information, and an interview with Glenn Greenwald is posted on the Guardian website, where he explains why he went public and more information on the details of why he did what he did. He is in Hong Kong at this point while the US government immediately starts creating a criminal investigation against him. Snowden was a contractor for the NSA where he was a systems administrator. He had worked for the NSA for only t...

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...e in a country that thinks it is ok to record every word I type, and everything I do on the internet. I think that Snowden said it best when he said “I would say the last year has been a reminder that democracy may die behind closed doors, but we as individuals are born behind those same closed doors, and we don't have to give up our privacy to have good government. We don't have to give up our liberty to have security. And I think by working together we can have both open government and private lives.”

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