The National Rural Poverty Line Of Uganda Essay

The National Rural Poverty Line Of Uganda Essay

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About 27 per cent of all rural people – some 8 million men, women and children – still live below the national rural poverty line in Uganda. Uganda 's poorest people include hundreds of thousands of smallholder farmers living in remote areas scattered throughout the country. The poorest areas of the country are in the north, where poverty incidence is consistently above 40 per cent and exceeds 60 per cent in many districts. The vast majority of Uganda 's poor rural people live in fragile, dry and sub-humid regions where the variability of rainfall and soil fertility means that farming presents a challenge. Uganda is a source, transit, and destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor and sex trafficking. Ugandan children as young as seven are exploited in forced labor within the country in agriculture, fishing, forestry, cattle herding, mining, stone quarrying, brick making, car washing, scrap metal collection, street vending, bars, restaurants, and the domestic service sector. (Trafficking in Persons Report) On the other hand, central goal of U.S. foreign policy has been the promotion of respect for human rights, as embodied in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. According to US Department of Labor, unemployment rates as of December 2015 was 5%. The United States is the world 's largest national economy, representing 22% of nominal global GDP and 17% of global GDP. (Report for Selected Countries and Subjects ) The official number of poor in the United States in 2008 is about 39.1 million people, greater in number but not percentage than the officially poor in Indonesia, which has a far lower Human Development Index and the next largest population after the United States.
Transparency Internatio...

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...d to development for economically instable countries and the following graph shows spending on aid to countries as part of a country’s GDP:
Uganda has made improvement in significant political and economic sectors since the stable rule of Museveni. It has also improved its human rights records along with women rights. However, it still depends on considerable foreign aid and balance of trade issues which are made worse by corruption. The road to development will require the democratic process to continue along with internal and regional economic stability. Therefore when compared with USA in this paper, it can be seen there is a strong urge for Ugandan government to do more in every sector to become a developed nation. Thus, it might be a long way for Uganda to become a developed nation, but it is not impossible for it considering its natural and manpower resources.

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