The National Rifle Association ( Nra ) Essay example

The National Rifle Association ( Nra ) Essay example

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by President Reagan). This banned automatic weapons with magazines for 10 years but that expired in 2004 and was never put back into action(Gun Control Laws). Though many attempts of gun control have failed there is even more of a push for a reform now. The National Rifle Association (NRA) is a major foundation that supports the second amendment and has a lot of pull when it comes to political parties. The NRA is wealthy and has overturn and won many cases against guns. According to Megan Cassella “Fifty percent of those surveyed said they supported Obama 's executive actions”(Cassella). Almost all that were supporting the democratic party supported this idea of tightening gun laws, while nearly seventy-two percent of republicans opposed stricter gun laws. There is .
In order to understand the entire concept of changing such a monumental law one must look at it from both sides. One can argue that the need for guns is diminishing so much so that there is no use for recreational use firearms anymore. Watching the news at night has become almost unbearable because as soon as you turn it on someone is talking about a homicide or some kind of gun related death. This has lead some of our nation leader to rally behind the side of stricter gun laws. In the past few years we have seen mass tragedies in places like sandy hook an elementary school and in Chattanooga TN at a military sight. Both places where guns had no business being. This is why Obama has proposed that increasing background checks on those who are looking to purchase a gun could be useful in preventing firearm violence. This would give gun merchants an idea of if the person they are selling too is mentally stable and if they 've ever had a violent crime or a crime involving...

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... the issues” Dan O’Brien and Betty Stanton discuss the issues that by just tightening gun laws there will always be a way to get firearms, it won’t be legal but it will still happen. O’Brian and Stanton say “ Those who are willing to murder already demonstrate a disregard for human life and the laws associated with a balanced society.” (O’Brien) If the person involved in the mass shooting was a law abiding citizen then what would the motive for the killing of innocent people be. This article also talks about how mass media coverage has glamorized this subject and how it is effecting youth in America today.
Another major problem that needs to be addressed when reforming gun laws or not is mental health. Time and time again when we hear the report of a mass shooting we hear that the person was mentally unstable. It doesn’t necessarily mean they have been diagnosed with

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