Essay on The National Patient Safety Goals

Essay on The National Patient Safety Goals

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Beneficence is defined as the concept of having the desire to do what is best for the well-being of others. Specifically in nursing, as defined by the American Nurses Association, beneficence is said to be the idea of compassion, and taking positive actions to help others (American Nurses Association 2013). With the NPSG, or National Patient Safety Goals in mind, these goals embody the idea of beneficence in healthcare practice. The National Patient Safety Goals define simple, yet effective practices which attempt to create the best possible outcome for both healthcare staff and patients. One goal listed is that of proper and effective identification of patients (The Joint Commission 2015). This goal is of the utmost importance because correctly identifying patients before and after procedures, or even something as simple as giving medications can be the difference between a normal discharge, and a potential extended hospital stay. With this in mind it is important for nurses and nursing students alike to be highly educated in these matters. It is through staff education that nursing will ultimately improve not only the goal of patient identification, but will also improve all of the National Patient Safety Goals. By way of the implementation of these standards, patient beneficence and overall experience will also be improved.
It is important for educational programs for nurses to implement these standards early on so that these tactics will become innate for students when they join the workforce and are working directly with patients. In this way it is more effective to have these standards as a part of an educational program so that errors will be reduced when students graduate. For example, in a study conducted by East Carolina...

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...ram. And in any event, regardless of background reiterating practice standards continually proves to be an effective method of ensuring the best patient experience and outcome.
Beneficence and nursing over time have become intertwined. This is because the profession of nursing embodies that of a caring attitude. It is the mindset of beneficence which drives the nursing profession to better and higher standards in practice. It is through the implementation of the National Patient Safety Goals that as a profession, nursing can ensure a better outcome for patients and practitioners alike. Within these standards Patient Identification is an important component. Through the education of future nurses in educational programs, as well as current registered nurses in the workforce the implementation of this goal will be effective and uniform throughout practices nationally.

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