National Nursing Assessment Service ( Nnas ) Essay

National Nursing Assessment Service ( Nnas ) Essay

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National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) describes IENs as nurses educated outside their Canada (NNAS, n.d.). For convention use, this paper uses IENs and migrant nurses interchangeably. They comprise the eight percent of the Canadian nursing workforce and more than half of them reside in Ontario (CIHI, 2006). In another report of CIHI in 2011, they found out that almost half of the practicing internationally trained nurses in Canada originated from Philippines (32.4%) and United Kingdom (16.3%) wherein Ontario has one of the highest concentrations of their population throughout the country (CIHI, 2011). The 2014 member demographic reports from the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) reflected that almost 11% (15, 932) of the 148, 678 licensed-to-practice nurses in Ontario are IENs. Looking at the nurse category, 77% (12, 237) were Registered Nurses, 22% (3, 537) are Registered Practical Nurse, and the remaining one percent (158) composed by Nurse Practitioners (CNO, 2014).
IENs possess diverse training, educational, and cultural orientation (Blythe & Baumann, 2009). They bring with them an array of clinical experience and some can be considered as clinical experts in their country of origin. However, Tregunno et al. (2009) explained that their skills and qualifications in delivering health care services do not usually correspond with the Canadian context. This issue relates to the concept of cultural competence, “the ability to demonstrate a set of skills and behaviors that enables nurses to work effectively within the cultural context of the clients, i.e. individual, family, or community” (Lampley, Little, Beck-Little, & Xu, 2008, p. 445). Betancourt (2007) and CNO (2009) further described this concept as the knowledg...

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...ue to constant need to repeat of what they just said and what was being said to them. One of their informants noted: “Most people … when I talk … they are like … they don’t understand me … so I have to talks three times … they don’t understand me … I don’t understand them … I have to talk slowly for them to understand” (Tregunno et al. 2009, p. 187). Kawi and Xu (2009) mentioned that language acculturation means embracing the way how English language is used in the Canadian context especially at workplace to facilitate a mutual understanding and adequate professional communication. IENs might more or less acquainted with the correct grammar and structure of the language provided that some of them consider English as a second language in their country of origin however, they also need to learn the skill to use it to attain a specific purpose (Ho & Chiang, 2015).

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