National Longitudinal Study Of Adolescent Health Essay

National Longitudinal Study Of Adolescent Health Essay

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Data was used from two forms of sources, students GPA average, on a 4.0 grade point scale, in addition to highest degree received. This data was then given to educational researchers, in addition to mental health researchers and coordinators. The data used was from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (N = 6,315), and was used as a comparison to that of general educational students, to test the validity of accommodations being used by general and special teachers.
Summary of Methods
Participants—the participants of this study included a number of high school students, who were classified as having mental and behavior issues in education. These chosen students who were chosen were placed on an specific accommodations plan that was made to enhance their inability to succeed in the educational classrooms, being surrounded by general educational students. These active participants were also known for having controls for academic aptitude, in which enhance their attention problems when trying to learn the classroom curriculum. The classified participants were known for sustain a long-standing interest in the social distribution of reoccurring mental health problems. According to the article, there were hundreds of studies that have been published on differences in levels of psychological distress or rates of psychiatric disorder based on gender, race ethnicity, and socioeconomic status (McLeod1 2012). With this being valid, teachers today should have all applicable resources as well as strategies that are being implemented into their classroom that would prevent mental and behavior.
Setting—there was no specific research setting for this study reason being is that the stated data was collected after testing stude...

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...ained lower levels of education than youth who experienced only one problem ( Mc Leod 2012). Having this information as a first year teacher would be a helpful tool for implement effective strategies to control students with such disabilities behavior and mental actions when learning. It is notated in the article that by having an supplementary externalizing problem—especially substance use—was associated with a significant decline in GPA and attainment (McLeod 2012). The relations of this study to that of the previous one consist of an independence of academic aptitude and lending credibility to the general conclusion that mental health and behavior problems are important factors
of status attainment outcomes in education, and if educators are able to control this ongoing issue or cause, then students of this classification would succeed without any distractions.

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