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The National Institute Of Nursing Research Essay

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NINR stands for the National Institute of Nursing Research, and is “one of 27 Institutes that comprise the National Institutes of Health (NIH)” (National Institute of Nursing Research, 2012). The NINR offices are located in the Claude D. Pepper Building, Building 31, at 9000 Rockville Pike, in Bethesda, MD. Other offices are on Democracy Boulevard, also in Bethesda, MD. NINR was formerly known as NCNR (National Center for Nursing Research), which opened on April 18th, 1986. As the NCNR became an NIH institute in 1993, NINR was born.
Purpose: NINR works to coordinate and encourage clinical and basic research on health and illness from beginning to end-of-life. NINR uses research and science for the basis of health promotion, ultimately, maximizing the quality of life in all age groups. Research conducted at NINR desires to advance nursing science by “integrating biological and behavioral science” (NINR, 2015), and forming future nursing scientists through research training.
Mission: NINR is involved in health promotion through encouraging healthy lifestyles, prevention of disease or illnesses, and improving quality of life through the life-span. The organization not only focuses on individuals, but focuses on families, communities, and populations as a whole. NINR also encourages the innovation of new technologies that promote health.
Strategic Goals: NINR’s main goal is to improve the quality of life by advancing nursing science. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (2016) states that “there are four areas of scientific focus: symptom science-promoting personalized health strategies, wellness- promoting health and preventing disease, self-management- improving quality of life for individuals with chronic illness, and...

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...ot camp training program (training for the advancement of education in nursing science), and NIH clinical center training (NINR, 2015).
As a group, we learned that nursing research plays a vital role in the nursing field. Through our researching of NINR, we can conclude that nursing research expands personal knowledge and improves the clinical skill involved in nursing care. Knowing all the training opportunities available at NINR, some of our group members have expressed interest in applying for a training session at NINR. The members of our group are interested in various fields of nursing, because nursing research is very broad, there are many research opportunities for all of us. Our ultimate goal as a group is to use nursing research to promote evidence-based practice that provides the best health results for individuals, families, communities, and populations.

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