National Institute Of Health Guidelines For Eligibility Criteria For Bariatric Surgery

National Institute Of Health Guidelines For Eligibility Criteria For Bariatric Surgery

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National Institute of Health guidelines for eligibility criteria for bariatric surgery is BMI ≥ 40 kg/m2 or BMI ≥ 40 kg/m2 plus high-risk comorbidities. Hence, Cardiovascular risk factors (including dyslipidemia and high blood pressure), and Type 2 diabetes mellitus established under laboratory and physical examinations are the comorbidities included in the criteria for bariatric surgery (Sjöholm, 2013). Mr. C. has a BMI 45.09 (categorized as Class III Obesity) and fits in the criteria for bariatric surgery. Additionally, comorbidities as dyslipidemias and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus are identified in the laboratory results. Similarly, High Blood Pressure values are found in the physical assessment.
Health Risks associated with obesity other than the previously mentioned are coronary artery disease, malignancy, venous thrombosis, degenerative joint disease, sleep apnea (mentioned in the case of Mr. C.), cholelithiasis, depression and overall a reduced quality of life (Nejat, 2010). At this moment, we know the surgery is a reliable option for Mr. C. There is not mention of the failure of previous loss weight attempts (diet, exercise, surgery), and he is working on the reduction of sodium intake. The surgery appears as an appropriate intervention for Mr. C, plus education in lifestyle habits, exercise, diet and correct medication use for the treatment of the comorbidities and possible post-surgical side effects (Nejat, 2010).
The plan for medication administration could be as follows:
Mylanta administered 1 hour before bedtime, and 3 hours after mealtime and the last dose at bedtime: 10:00/ 15:00 / 21:00. The last dose will count as the third dose and the bedtime dose at the same time. To accommodate the other medications planned.

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...stones (Nejat, 2010).


Lennerz, B. S., Wabitsch, M., Lippert, H., Wolff, S., Knoll, C., Weiner, R., & ... Stroh, C. (2014). Bariatric surgery in adolescents and young adults--safety and effectiveness in a cohort of 345 patients. International Journal Of Obesity, 38(3), 334-340. doi:10.1038/ijo.2013.182

Sjöholm, K., Anveden, Å., Peltonen, M., Jacobson, P., Romeo, S., Svensson, P.-A., … Carlsson, L. M. S. (2013). Evaluation of Current Eligibility Criteria for Bariatric Surgery: Diabetes prevention and risk factor changes in the Swedish Obese Subjects (SOS) study. Diabetes Care, 36(5), 1335–1340.

Nejat, E., Polotsky, A. Predictors of Chronic Disease at Midlife and Beyond --The Health Risks of Obesity. Maturitas Vol. 65 Issue 2, February 2010, Pag 106-111. Science Direct. Retrieved from:

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