Essay about National Identity Is Not Only About Citizenship

Essay about National Identity Is Not Only About Citizenship

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In today’s global society, national identity could be constructed according to various points. Fearson (1999) explained national identity is a definition, which demonstrates the membership, expected behaviours of the particular group, brings a special pride in a person, and they are changeless but socially resulting. Again, national identity is not only about citizenship, but also about parentage, birthplace, race and whether the person has accents to speak the dialectal language or not (McCrone & Bechhofer, 2010). For example, during one survey about the national identities that practiced in countries where there are many immigrants, respondents placed great importance on the accent, their origins and bloodline to accept other newcomers if they belong to the nation (McCrone & Bechhofer, 2010). The paper by Wright (2011) is stating that nationality is about solidarity and loyalty to the nation, furthermore ancestry and nativity. It has been also indicated that national identity generally is not a simple feeling that immigrants or travellers feel like staying in the country permanently, so that it is not easily obtainable, and settlers are supposed to own enough language capacity and religion reliability regarding to the state. The important points in national identities could change over the time depend on the number of immigrant populations and recent globalizations since as long as these percentage increase, the people’s requirement of accepting others with national distinction will be more diverse and at the same time narrower (Miller, 2000). Therefore, national identities naturally often contain lineage aspects, adaptation to the local community with accustoming the dialect, expected appearance such as skin colour but also abo...

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...e unequal in this nation depend on educational backgrounds, whether the person holding a disability or not, race or living place such as rural area. In actual, people suffer from job insecurity, constructing relationship in a society and financial problems so that they can be socially isolated from the mainstream quite easily. David and Grant (2007) pointe out Australian is a neo-liberal society with highly concentrating on global economic development and competition. While this nation is on a process of success in global economy for agricultural industries, educational business or any other businesses, youth particularly in local area have had less opportunity in employment. Opening a gate to migrants, the past bitter memory with indigenous populations and today’s neo-liberal booming might have brought this country to disclose the positive reputation of this nation.

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