National Health And Local Health Department Essay

National Health And Local Health Department Essay

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Each state health department and local health department will be different. They health concerns on a national level are the same but within each unique community there is a greater need for some things than others. For example my home state of Louisiana our state and local health department are very active and engaged with the public. As well many civic groups and Greek letter organizations contribute, through their community initiates. Each parish has their own Parish Human Services Authority which contribute to the State General fund, interagency transfers and Statutory Dedications. Louisiana Office of public health has programs which help underserved communities. An example would be the WIC program which stands for women infants and children it helps the low income mothers get the healthy items for healthy children. Due to this program there has been a reductions in premature birth rates. Children whom have special needs can also get resources, health services and support through this office.
The purpose of the state and local health department is to help prevent emerging and reemerging disease from damaging the healthcare infrastructure and promote healthy living. They respond to disasters and assists communities in recovery. Most importantly they assure the quality assure and accessibity of the healthcare system. The purpose of the public health function of state health departments is policy development, resource stewardship, legal compliance, partner engagement, continuous improvement and oversight. The United States Constitution gives the states the power to self-govern and protect and promote health through population wide actions. They are to develop policies which help to improve promote and protect public health. As ...

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...d polices that serve the public health of the community.
Jointly these department serve the same critical roles in promoting and protecting the health of their communities in their respective jurisdiction. State department handles the disease surveillance, data collection, state laboratory services, preparedness to public health emergencies and other population based prevention and promotions. They are the ones whom handle all of the healthcare care services, regulations of healthcare providers and technical assistance and training. The local public health department monitors health status and understand health issues that face the community. They protect people from health problems and health hazards and engage the community to identify and solve health problems. They enforce public health laws and regulations and lastly assist people to receive health services.

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