Essay on National Football League And National Baseball

Essay on National Football League And National Baseball

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In American sporting history the issue of African-Americans trying to surpass the racial-barrier is more evident within baseball with heroes featuring Jackie Robinson. However, during this time American-football has been in the shadow of baseball and has taken longer for diversity within football. Within America there was originally two different football leagues (American Football League and National Football League) that would later merge into the National Football League and two different baseball leagues (American Baseball League and National Baseball League) that also would merge into the Major League Baseball. Within the timeframe of 1968 to 1990 the game of football has changed drastically with different coaching philosophy and names of different positions that the players would play. However, the biggest change within professional football would be the ethnic-makeup where there would be more of a presence of African-Americans but this presence would be only seen within non-leadership positions.

A Comparison of Race and Position Occupancy in1968:
Jackie Robinson would play first play in the major leagues in 1947, this would provide African-American athletes a spot to play in professional sports. By 1968, African-Americans had already taken up nearly 30% of the two baseball leagues combined. This number is 7% higher than what would be seen in the two original football leagues within America. In 1968 there are three different reasons for what causes this lack of representation of African Americans. Firstly, African-Americans would be seen as inferior in skill or talent and on the other hand they could be seen to be filling the same positions because of their skill set. The last option was that “Negro athletes exclude thems...

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...90 are white, leaving 8% for the black population. That 8% number is inflated as best since there are 32 National Football teams that have 2 quarterbacks on their active roster which means that figure converts to 5 black quarterbacks within the whole entire league (two of which that were on the same team at this point). Furthermore, a generalized misconception of black quarterbacks are that they are unable to learn the depth of professional play-books and put themselves before the team. Eagle’s quarterback Randall Cunningham himself would later say “I was selfish in Philadelphia”. Remarks like this are reminiscent of the scapegoat and oppressive stereotypical images that would emerge within American culture during the post-confederation war.

Conclusion: The issue of race within football is very complex as it would rapid in some positions but slow moving in others.

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