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National Disaster Medical System Essay

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Citizens of the United States face catastrophic disaster such as hurricane, tornadoes, hazmat spills and flooding. Emergency management situations varies. Managers have to put into consideration the type of disasters or the response of citizens. A great example, the hurricane in Tuscaloosa, AL required large amounts of medical and debris assistance from teams to help return the destructed site back to prior condition. National Disaster Medical Systems would be one of the first to respond if there is a tragic event like in Tuscaloosa, AL. Threw research, I hope to cover the history, objectives, goals, and support towards National Disaster Medical System.

National Disaster Medical System is a federally coordinated system that augments the Nation's medical response capability according to NDMS serves as a National medical response team that is capable in response for State and local authorities in dealing with medical affects of catastrophic peace time disasters in which helped aide military as well as the Department of Veterans Affairs medical systems by aiding wounded individuals from overseas to the U.S.

All 50 U.S. states are funded locally through the government, by organizations such as FEMA and Red Cross. Citizens fail to realize the importance of having financial security during the response stage of a disaster program in damaged areas. Financial stability plays a huge role in the success of many emergency response organizations moreover great planning should be recognized as a continuing process. The National Disaster Medical System (NDMS) aids the Federal Medical response to natural or man made disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods transportation accidents, and terrorist acts inv...

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...ities and survivors across the U.S.

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