The National Debt And Its Impact On Our Society Essay

The National Debt And Its Impact On Our Society Essay

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Today, society is different. Different when compared to how every generation of Americans have lived in before. Today exists a time of plenty; a time when nearly all of our wildest dreams can be realized with the simple click of a button. Today, two-thirds of Americans carry access to the entirety of human knowledge in their pocket. (Pew Research Center, 2015) Unfortunately, Americans import the overwhelming majority of these little miracle boxes from East-Asian countries. Cellphones are just one example to draw from when discussing the self-destructive American consumerist culture – and one need not look any further than the size of American household trashcans to see the abhorrent acceptance of waste. It seems, at a glance, that the size of landfills in America is growing in step with the “Pinnacle issue of our generation”, the U.S. National Debt – casting an equally ominous shadow on the people of this nation. The purpose of this paper is to provide insight into the assumption that through tackling the moral deficit in today’s new-age American culture, it is possible to reverse the growth of our nation’s national debt.
This paper will seek to make logical connections between the simultaneous rise in American consumerist culture and the national debt. It will address this assumption through expounding on three separate points of research. The first point of research is that Americans, citizens of what was once the epitome of manufacturing in the World, have now lost their desire to produce. This paper makes the assumption, and will seek to prove, that the shift in manufacturing dominance is a symptom of a shift in culture – not vice versa. The second point of research i...

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... shift in perspective affect the national debt? The answer: we have allowed other countries to exploit our lack of desire to produce as a way to produce for us. Yes, this is the idea behind global economics; the idea that the needs of one country can be met by another in exchange for what that country needs. As we’ve seen for the past “too-long”, we have been all too willing to chip away at our long-standing pedestal – the same one that we built just a generation ago, in exchange for cheap plastic trinkets. The American people have decided collectively, “we no longer want to produce, but we still want all our nice things.” In a global society, those desires are easily satisfied – but at what cost? Are we willing to sacrifice the foundation of our country for simple material goods; the same goods that will all too soon pile on top of one another in our landfills?

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