National Culture and HRM Policies and Strategies Essay

National Culture and HRM Policies and Strategies Essay

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The objective of this study is to indicate the impact of national culture on HRM policies and strategies. It is expected to address the question; if national culture is impacting on the development and effectiveness of HRM strategies and polices. Looking at the definition of national culture from Hofstede (1980), we have a good understanding. Thus it helps us identify the influence it has within HRM strategies and policies in correlation with an organisation strategy towards its objectives.
This study shows that there are two aspects which national culture impacts upon HRM policies and strategies i.e. the positive and negative aspects. This therefore implies that yes, national culture influences HRM practises.

Human resource practise basically evolved from the American society. Therefore management theories show the cultural environment which these theories have being imprinted. (Hofstede 1980, Laurent 1986).
Meanwhile, Hofstede stating that national culture distinguishes the members of one group from another thought having a unique characteristic. Basically human resource strategies and policies would differ in the manner of management at which they achieve their objectives in the global aspect varying from country to country. Culture has its own history, therefore it tends to have an effect towards certain views HRM may frown upon and at the same time undiscovered opportunities from HRM practises. The national culture in countries most especially developing countries, tend to have a positive effect on achieving an organisations objective. But at the same time shows a dual effect on HRM policies. These policies are implemented towards an organisations strategy t...

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