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Disputes and conflicts are mostly caused by race, gender, culture, language, ideologies and religion. These factors are inter-related for it shows the differences of people in every way that causes arguments, debates and misunderstanding either internationally or locally. Numerous times of debates and advocacy between who is dominant and who is subordinate has been a great input in the making of our history which until now, is still being added.
Disputes and conflicts in this era is just repeating history therefore, history speaks for itself. Since the study of anthropology is studying humanity either cultural, past societies, physical or language; it studies how and why the society has been formed the way it is now. One of the most interesting fields of anthropology is linguistic anthropology for language is known to influence our social life. Additionally, it also explores how language shapes people’s communication and how it organizes cultural beliefs and ideologies.
Fifty years ago, the study of culture conflict for anthropologist was limited to people who lived in close proximity to each other (Beeman, 2008). Before, anthropologist mostly studied the factions living in the same society and restricted themselves in conflict and violence within the country and not between countries. However, anthropologists today study conflict between nations based from their studies regarding the conflicts within the nation. Knowledge and understanding of the history will help in understanding why certain disputes and conflicts are still at large.
Conflict and Dispute
One of the unforgettable conflict and dispute of all times is the September 11 bombing—the era of troubled and difficult times between the Unite...

... middle of paper ... stand together to fight for their common goal.
The conflict between the United States and Middle East is because of the misunderstanding of the other parties’ purposes. Conflicts and dispute does not only happen between two nations but also within the country. Different races and ethnicity is the reason why individuals in one society have conflict—also misunderstanding with what each race and origin wants. Monoglot standardization is not a solution that can be easily implemented since it will create more misunderstanding between races. If performers can understand and respond to a verbal duel whereas mostly the words are with double meanings, then it is also possible to understand the language and meaning of the races different from the other. This will happen if people will learn how to listen and not by mere hearing.

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