National Collegiate Athletic Association ( Ncaa ) Basketball Season At 15 Division II

National Collegiate Athletic Association ( Ncaa ) Basketball Season At 15 Division II

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Subject Selection Process
This study was conducted over 2.5 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball seasons at 15 Division II universities throughout the nation, each school being studied separately. Subjects were selected from a pool of undergraduate female athletes that were currently participating in a varsity level female basketball team. Full rosters of the female basketball team of these universities were recruited through in person explanation of the study and of the procedures, with the approval of the head coach. A university was selected if ≥ 5 athletes responded to the invitation.
Next, a detail screening questionnaire was administered to the athletes (225 total) who responded to the solicitation email examining their current and past medical health, as well as sleeping habits. Questions were also asked to assess age, weight, and height, with their age of sport participation and the amount of training per week. Subjects were included if they were healthy, did not report current difficulties with their sleep, were currently “in season,” regularly practicing, and competing in games or competitions. Subjects were excluded if they had existing injuries that prevented them from regular practice or games. They were also excluded if they had a history of a sleep or psychiatric disorder, took medications with sleep related side effects, or had illicit drug use or other health concerns that would cause them to be unable to participate in sports. If the athletes no longer wanted to be participating in the study or were unwilling to or did not feel that they could obey the study’s protocol after the details were explained to them, they were also excluded. The Wayne State College Institutional Review Board appro...

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...ess, and mood. Sleep times during sleep restriction were compared to the mean sleep time for each subject to determine the change in total sleep time. The association between the day of the study and the outcomes measured (including total sleep time, athletic performance measures, mean PVT reaction times, ESS, and POMS scores) were scored. The outcome measures during baseline and sleep restriction were compared due to the repeated measures testing of individual subjects.
Statistical Analysis
General characteristics of the participants were presented as mean ± standard deviations and range. The effects of sleep deprivation on physical and psychomotor performance will be evaluated by an ANOVA. The data will be analyzed using the statistical functions of the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) for Windows, version 17. The p value will be set at p < 0.05.

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