Essay on National College Entrance Examination ( Ncee )

Essay on National College Entrance Examination ( Ncee )

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Long ago, people created the examination system as a way to help their posterities to understand and learn knowledge and skills that will eventually benefit them in the future. In the new era, however, examinations are often regarded as tools to measure a student’s intelligence. In some countries, and specifically like China, examinations sometimes even become the only measurement of one’s success. Facing the population explosion, society as many people recognize may judge people’s abilities more important than purely store of knowledge. But again considering both Chinese students currently do very well under such the education system and China has its own dilemmas which include shocking population and long history, then whether such examination system in China is beneficial or need to change urge people to reconsider.
National College Entrance Examination (NCEE), which is best known as “GaoKao”, in some ways is like America’s college entrance exams, like the SAT and ACT, but it is more than twice as long and the stakes are much higher; meanwhile, unlike SAT and ACT that students can take those exams for several times in a year, Chinese students only have one chance per year to take GaoKao. And GaoKao is the only benchmark that Chinese universities account to value a student’s abilities.
As people all recognize, China with such an incredible population and long history is hard to change any already built system, like education system. One major problem in China now is the imbalance between the number of high school graduates each year and number of schools. According to the report, it is pointed out that tens of millions of Chinese students are competing for just over two thousand of national colleges (China Education). Facing su...

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... also help students to develop their various abilities, such the education will be worthy and really efficient.
Everyone should own equal opportunity on education. Even though there truly exists an intelligence difference between students, human beings all have their own comparative advantage in different fields, and this is how a society was built by specializing. Trying to expunge difference will only bring society more negative effects. If education, like education in China, is used purely as a machine to produce students with same knowledge and same personality but regardless of their own traits, how can this society last long? Even making change to Chinese traditional education system and examination will be difficult, people should be confident and hopeful that any improvement that prepares students to be more comprehensive may cultivate millions of new elites.

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