Essay on The National Association For Self Esteem

Essay on The National Association For Self Esteem

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Self-esteem is a person’s overall opinion of themselves and how they feel about their limitations and their abilities (Mayoclinic, 2014). The National Association for Self-Esteem (NASE) defines self-esteem as the experience of being capable of meeting life 's challenges and being worthy of happiness (NASE, 2010). The Mayo Clinic tells that healthy self-esteem is when a person feels good about themselves and sees himself or herself as deserving the respect of others, and with low self-esteem, little value is put on a person’s ideas and opinions, with constant worry that they are not good enough (Mayoclinic, 2014). Self-esteem begins to form early on in childhood and continues throughout the rest of a person’s life, which if low, can lead to long-term low self-esteem that can either contribute to or be a part of a mental disorder. This paper will discuss self-esteem, its links to psychological disorders, and how each can affect the other.
Healthy self-esteem can be viewed, as someone who takes responsibility for their own actions, is respectful of others, are self-starters, can accept constructive criticism, and are in control of their life. Healthy self-esteem can contribute positively to a person’s life both professionally and personally across many areas. Personal benefits can be better physical and emotional health, as well as, social health and happiness. Having a healthy self-esteem can then be attributed to better emotional health, which can mean less instance of psychological disorder with a healthy self-esteem.
The National Association for Self-Esteem says this about the concept of self-esteem
This concept of self-esteem is founded on the premise that it is strongly connected to a sense of competence and worthines...

... middle of paper ...

...ean and comfortable living space, doing enjoyable things and activities, setting realistic goals that get achieved, doing things that have been put off, doing nice things for others, spending more time with those near and dear, avoid people and place that make them feel bad (Burton, 2012).
Healthy or high self-esteem could be considered to be a good predictor of overall happiness and mental well-being, which could also be a predictor of less mental disorders, less health issues and eating disorders, less social problems, and general psychological health. So it would seem to be of great benefit for a person to work towards a healthy and positive self-esteem, as it can affect so many areas of a person’s life and health. Having a healthy self-esteem can lead to a healthier life filled with better relationships, confidence in one’s abilities, and all around happiness.

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