Essay about National And State Curriculum Standards

Essay about National And State Curriculum Standards

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National and State Curriculum Standards
The California State Board of Education adopted ELA content standards for Kindergarten through 12th grades in 1997.The standards define the content students should gain by the end of each grade level and shape the basis of curriculum improvement at every grade level. The state also developed and established an all-inclusive system of instruction based on the current research on how students acquire reading and writing skills, awareness of students’ improvements and gaps, and commit¬ment to the academic achievement of students who master the academic skills easily and of those who struggle to read, comprehend, and write. In addition, the system focuses on developing the top stages of language arts proficiency to close the achievement gap and empower all students to be fully involved in the local and global society (California Department of Education, 2007).
To ensure that the academic standards are used in the design and implementation of instructional planning, schools have progressed through a series of curriculum and teaching initiatives in their search for the right mix of strategies that will lead to student achievement of the standards. Although districts may have selected different approaches to the standards in any given year, a pattern of responses has materialized.
Possibly, the single most popular approach to the standards is curriculum alignment. Most school districts have worked hard to align the scope and sequence of the curriculum with the scope and sequence of the topics in state standards. Clearly, the teachers need to cover the topics included in the standards, but this task alone is not enough. There is a distinct difference between alignment with the topics of the standa...

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..., and providing extra time during independent reading can be utilized (California Department of Education, 2007).
The State of California has approved the common core standards in 2010. The ELA common core standards address in much depth certain aspects of Boom’s taxonomy like, analysis, synthesis, and application. Several facets of the CCSS in ELA give the teachers and the students the opportunity to discover, understand, and analyze the unwritten meaning of the text and link it to the world outside classroom. Connecting the ELA standards to math and science subject areas gives the students the opportunity to understand the importance of excelling well in all subject areas, and not only in those of major interest (California Department of Education, 2007); therefore, using certain aspects of CCSS in addition to the state standards can only benefit student learning.

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