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The National Adult Reading Test (NART) is a psychometric test used to determine premorbid levels of intelligence, usually in the form of IQ, based on the assumption of high correlation between general intelligence and word reading ability. Originally developed for use amongst dementia patients, it has since been expanded and is used to test premorbid intelligence in a variety of neurological disorders, though with conflicting evidence as to its sensitivity and validity. The overall structure of the NART is such that individuals are asked to attempt to pronounce a list of fifty words, which do not follow typical phonemic rules; the individual is then scored on the accuracy of their pronunciation.
The NART has been translated into a variety of languages, with each version being standardized to suit their country of origin, as well encompassing rules of pronunciation and familiarity inherent to their country. Though there are many versions, this paper focuses on the NART, developed for use in the United Kingdom, and the American Adult Reading Test (NAART) developed for use in America. The reliability and validity of the NART will be explored both concerning neurotypical individuals within the general population, as well as exploring the contradictory evidence supporting or opposing the use of the NART in other neurological disorders such as Schizophrenia.

Reliability is a measure of the stability or reproducibility of a psychometric test. As reliability is dependent upon the characteristics of the sample, reliability differs depending on the neurological disorder upon which the NART is being applied. To gain an accurate view of the reliability of the NART, both internal and external measures must be taken into account. Split-half ...

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...r neurological damage, this may act as a confounding variable reducing reliability, as is the case for Korsakoff’s Syndrome, and Huntington’s, as well as Schizophrenia despite conflicting evidence. Though the NART presents with significant convergent validity with the WAIS, which is then used to predict premorbid IQ, and good construct validity, as demonstrated by near perfect cumulative fit indexes, when calculating confirmatory factor analysis, care should be taken. The research presented would suggest that while the NART may present as valid and extremely reliable psychometric test, that provides an essential method for determining premorbid IQ, care should be taken, both when deciding the appropriate usage of the NART due to differing sensitivities and correlations, but also in interpretation of results due to overestimation or underestimation of premorbid IQ.

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