Nate, Hajji, and the Bear

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Nate's pounding heart drummed like it meant to escape his chest. But somehow his brain locked into a calm logical mode. It kept his feet bolted to the ground and a scream from his lips. He couldn't outrun a bear. He could do nothing that the bear couldn't do better, except think. If he didn't panic, maybe smarts would be enough. He forced a breath and remembered the granola bars in his pocket. He reached for them slowly to avoid upsetting the bear. The bear had moved no closer, and Nate watched it intensely for any sign it was ready to attack. The bear stood maybe ten feet behind him, pacing from side-to-side, and at all times, it watched him. Nate's fingers closed around the two granola bars. He raised the hand, sliding it smoothly up the side of the car little by little, and then placed the snack on top. Stepping sideways, inch-by-inch, he moved away. He kept this pace until he reached the rear of the car. Hoping to get as much distant from the bear as possible, Nate kept gliding around the car's edge until he reached the driver side door. He relaxed just a little, feeling safer now that Smoky stood on the other side. The bear shook his enormous head then walked toward the car. Instinctively, Nate stepped back. The bear rose onto its hind legs, its massive, bulk reaching eight feet into the sky. The bear pawed a granola bar then used its teeth to rip away the wrapping. It finished in only a few seconds then reached for the second bar. Nate cancelled his plan to run as the bear ate. This brief distraction wasn't enough to make an escape. The bear could leap the car in a single bound if it wanted. He needed another plan and thought about the apple. Maybe if he threw it, the bear would go after it, giving him time to cl... ... middle of paper ... ...e here. But some of the odd things that happened in the house were starting to make sense. Like blinds that parted when they shouldn't. This guy had already checked out lots of places in the house. He already knew there were no holes in the pockets of the jacket. The only reason he hadn't found the USB was probably because of it small size and it blending so well next to the phone. If he had found what he wanted he wouldn't be in the woods today, saving him from a bear. He owed the guy something and couldn't bring himself to lie. "You sound all cloak and dagger, man. Like a Brad Pitt movie." Hajji let out a long breath and gestured to the road with an open palm, suggesting they should walk. He laced his hands behind his back as they strolled. He glance at Nate sideways then fixed his gaze somewhere in the trees ahead. "I shall start from the beginning."

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