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“My father and mother strengthen me, and this was my first impression of life saying in my presence, I was intended for some great purpose (Nat turner,”. From the very beginning Nat Turner knew that he was meant to do something great. On the day of October 2, 1800 the famous Nat turner was born to Nancy Turner his father an unknown slave. Turner grew up with the thought that his father was an escaped slave and was coming back when he got the money to retrieve him and his mother. Nat turner grew up and lived his life in Southampton County, Virginia. The place was predominantly African- American but it didn’t stop the use of slavery in the county.
During Nat Turner’s years of growing up, he was describe to have a natural intelligence and quickness for learning. While many of the boys his age where out working on the field Nat Turner was learning. Turner learned to read and write at a very young age, becoming very religious while learning. He was often seen praying, fasting and reading the stories of God in the bible.
When Turner was twenty-one, He ran away from the fields and his overseer Samuel Turner. He spent thirty-days out in the woods trying to survive, praying and hoping to get away and not be caught. Becoming delirious from the hunger he received a vision “Return to the service of my earthly master (Nat Turner Slave Rebellion, Ask.Com)”. Turner was greatly affected by his visions, and interpreted the messages as a sign from Jesus Christ himself. Coming back to the farm, Nat turner started conducting church services, saying that he was a gift from god and can hear messages that god was sending to him. Preaching to the other slaves and white southerners, Nat turner was able to convince the people of the l...

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...side the slaves to be once again set free.

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