Essay about The Narrative Structure Of Plague Of Doves

Essay about The Narrative Structure Of Plague Of Doves

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The narrative structure in Plague of Doves is complex to the same degree that it’s
characters are blended and interrelated with each other, Pluto, the reservation and their ethnic
origins. In other words, dividing point of view between a dichotomy such as Native-American or
white is not feasible. However, certain components of the story seem to favor a Native-American
tradition and others seem to favor white tradition. The earlier historically, the narrative adheres
to a native interpretation told through the oral tradition and a Native-American point of view, the
closer time borders near the present, white influence becomes prevalent throughout the
reservation and the narrative. That is, throughout the process of time, the reservation’s native
traditions, have swapped for white American Christian practices. Despite all this, not a single
proclaimed Native-American as far back as the novel’s history goes is outside the influence of
white culture. Transitions between Pluto and the reservation happen seamlessly, and following a
single character leads to locations within both towns frequently. As a result, a dichotomy
doesn’t really exist in the novel as a person cannot really be judged to be a citizen of neither
Pluto, nor the reservation. Plague of Doves does not favor a certain ethnicity, nor tradition or set
of values, as the novel is composed of a nonhomogeneous blended character base whose
traditions have fallen in a tumultuous entanglement.
Past transgressions shape the identities of the characters to follow, and although there
are great tragedies that separate the Natives and white populace, the reservation’s location
centralized among three other white affiliated towns frequently engages it to surrounding ...

... middle of paper ... arc, I disagree there is any privilege being given to a specific ethnicity. It is a careful balance that supports its character’s redemption from the tragedies of the past, which is always present in the disaster stamps frequently mentioned throughout the novel. The town’s themselves become a combined character of their own through the recurring omniscience of gossip, such as their speculation on Marn Wolde, “that she had done in Billy Peace” (184). However, the town assembles and disassembles according to the tragedy and set of events. Everything remains in flux as does the Native-American culture, who Robert C Hamilton examines in “Disaster Stamps”: The Significance of Philately in Louise Erdrich’s The Plague of Doves, that “even when they imitate traditional Native narrative, they are ultimately textual, in the manner of the traditional Western novel” (270).

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